Mystique Syn Osuchukwu is a storyteller, publicist and the Founder/Creative Director of Syncity NG, Nigeria’s largest literary and arts community; and the official media partner to Africa’s literary festivals.

She is an advocate for mental health, a creative consultant, and contributor to several platforms.

Although her first language is Lagos-conductor-speak(or Igbo depending on who you ask), her works have appeared on Syncity NG, and elsewhere with translations in English, Igbo, Pidgin, and Spanish.

Her ghost-written works have appeared on the New York Times Bestselling list. She adapts plays and writes scripts for TV and web.

She has worked with brands and individuals to drive successful media and PR campaigns.

She has won, been nominated, and shortlisted for a lot of things.

To kidnap her, all you need is Coldstone, dodo and sauce garnished with chunks of atarodo-ed pomo, Agege bread, and a good psychological thriller with Styl Plus playing in the background.

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