Festival Venues

The Ake Arts and Book Festival 2017 will take place in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State in South-Western Nigeria. The city derives its name from Olumo Rock, a huge outcrop of granite rocks which play a significant part in Abeokuta's history. Abeokuta, a Yoruba word, means ‘beneath the rock'.

Most Ake Arts and Book Festival events take place in different venues situated at Arts and Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta

Arts and Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta, Ogun State



Once you are on the premises of the Arts and Cultural Centre, all the specified event venues are walking distance and within easy reach.


Hubert Ogunde Hall 

The main auditorium is accessed from the front car park through the glass doors. Visitors cross the Registration Point in the lobby and access the hall through a set of double doors. The drama production and some of the sessions will be held here.


Cinema Hall

The Cinema Hall is a medium-sized auditorium located behind Hubert Ogunde Hall. To gain access, you have to stroll round the side of the Arts and Cultural Centre. Book Chats take place here, as do most of the panel discussions. This is also the venue for film screenings and the Palmwine and Poetry event.


Exhibition Room

This is located in the right hand side wing (when facing) of the main auditorium building. Enter through a set of glass doors. This large room houses our art exhibitions. 


Chat Room

Above the Exhibition Room is the Chat Room space which we use for some of our book chats.

Function Room

This is located in the left-hand side wing (when facing) of the main auditorium building. Enter through the glass doors to reach the Ake Bookshop, the Restaurant and the internet Cafe.


Green Room 

Specially created and equipped for Ake Festival guests, the Green Room is a quiet space where our guests have access to relaxing seats and wifi. Here, complimentary drinks are served throughout the day. We also provide a fantastic lunch and dinner buffet with the best of Nigerian cuisine. For the less adventurous palate, we also serve an array of Western foods. Scrumptious dishes are also prepared for pescatarians and vegetarians.

Green Room passes are available for purchase at the Registration Point.