Maryam Bukar Hassan

Maryam Bukar Hassan was born on 25 December 1996 and is an indigene of Borno state. She is an ICT graduate from Radford University College, graduating at 19 with a Second Class Upper degree.

She is an active Yali member and a holder of 8 certificates awarded by YALI (Young African Leaders initiative). She is also the founder of Deen-at-Heart Organization. Maryam has organised seminars such as The Power of the Web: Digital Revenue for the Movie Industry and and is a known motivational speaker.

Maryam finds peace and joy in giving back to the society and has very recently signed a caller tune contract with Airtel, Etisalat and MTN, thus achieving recognition both in Nigeria and beyond as ‘Alhanislam - The Motivational Speaker’.

Maryam’s hobbies include dancing, reading, writing, and sketching. She is working on her first Book, a poetry collection, the maiden edition of a magazine and is looking forward to doing her Masters.

Ake Festival 2017

14-18 November, 2017

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