Mara Menzies

Mara Menzies is a Kenyan/Scottish performance storyteller, playwright and artistic director of Afrika Presents, a company that seeks to introduce children to aspects of African cultures through interactive play.

This year she has been invited to share stories at Africa Writes in London 2017, The Primavera de Cuentos Festival in Cuba 2017, The Story Crossroads Festival in Salt Lake City 2017, Storymoja Book Festival in Nairobi 2017 and is delighted to be sharing her work at the Ake Arts and Book Festival.

Mara is passionate about the role that storytelling can play in the development of both individuals and society. She is currently developing a 'Story Trail' project at the Kenyan coast, using story and the arts as a means of economic and social empowerment of a local community.

Ake Festival 2017

14-18 November, 2017

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