Marta Celestino

Ms. Marta Celestino is a Candomblé (an Afro-Brazilian Religion) Iyalorisa and Ogun initiate since 2001. A trailblazer educational entrepreneur in her role as Chief Marketing Officer at Ebony English, a Brazilian English School pioneering in the use of Black Culture as a method for teaching English as a second language.

A filmmaker, she produced and shot “Diaspora Connections”, a documentary which is part of a project aimed to reconnect black peoples in the diaspora by showcasing experiences while celebrating accomplishments. She was a featured speaker at TEDx São Paulo in 2016 where she spoke about the vanguard of the Black Diaspora.

Ms. Celestino firmly believes in religiosity as an element of (re)connection to black heritage, self-knowledge, ancestral struggle and resistance against social and cultural assimilation. As her role as an Iyalorisá, mother, entrepreneur, and traveler, she has inspired many to profess their faith in the orishas and become candomble devotees. “The love derived from the Orishas is an immeasurable power that ignites one’s heart and fuels one’s transformation”

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Ake Festival 2017

14-18 November, 2017

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