Femi Oyebode

Femi Oyebode was born in Lagos Nigeria. He graduated with distinction in medicine from Ibadan in 1977. He trained in psychiatry at Newcastle and has been Consultant Psychiatrist in Birmingham since 1986. He is Professor of Psychiatry University of Birmingham. 

He is the author of Sims’ Symptoms in the Mind 5th edition (translated into Estonian, Italian, Portuguese and, Spanish), Mindreadings: literature and psychiatry, and Madness at the Theatre. His volumes of poetry include Naked to your softness and other dreams, Wednesday is a colour, Forest of transformations, Master of the leopard hunt, Adagio for oblong mirrors, and Indigo, camwood and mahogany red. He was awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists Lifetime Achievement Award for 2016. His broadcasting credits include BBC 2 -Depression in Men, BBC 4- Getting a head, BBC Radio 4- Midweek.

Ake Festival 2017

14-18 November, 2017

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