Stand Down Soldier

Life of women after military service is seldom portrayed in films. The drama Stand Down Soldier tells the story of Sergeant Stacy Armstrong who returns home from three deployments suffering with Paustromatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Soon after her return, she and her husband realise their 20-year marriage is about to be another casualty of war. Infidelity, addiction, and a tragic accident test the couple’s commitment.

This fiction film explores some of the issues many returning soldiers confront in their civil life including mental health issues, loneliness, and drug addiction.

Stand Down Soldier is directed, produced and stars Jeryl  Prescott Sales (The Birth of a Nation, The Walking Dead). 2015, USA, 82mins, drama, English.





The Witches of Gambaga by Yaba Badoe

The Witches of Gambaga is the extraordinary story of a community of women condemned to live as witches in Northern Ghana. Made over the course of 5 years, this disturbing expose is the product of a collaboration between members of the 100 strong community of ‘witches’ and women’s movement activists determined to end abusive practises and improve women’s lives in Africa. Painful experience and insight come together to create an intimate portrait of the lives of women ostracised by their communities.


Bariga Sugar

Ese is a reclusive 8 year old girl living in Bariga Sugar - a ghetto brothel in Bariga, Lagos. Her mother Tina is one of Bariga Sugar's working women. 10 year old Jamil and his mother Hanatu move into the brothel, Ese and Jamil begin an unlikely friendship. Their friendship is threatened when their mothers become fierce rivals.






 Through Her Eyes by Nadine Ibrahim

Azeeza is a 12-year-old girl that lives in a small village in the north. After a terrorist attack, she is kidnapped and made to see and do horrible things. One morning she is sent on a mission that will destroy her physically and mentally. She contemplates her life and questions her morals and conscience, trying to understand how she got there.





Face of Defiance 

Face of Defiance, is a portrait project celebrating FGM survivors.