Festival of Short Films

In 2016, we are introducing a mini Festival of Short Films. At this ninety-minute event, we will screen three incredible, very different short films, after which the ever-bubbly Derele Edun will have a chat with the three directors. 

A Mother's Journey

Directed by author Sade Adeniran, A Mother’s Journey continues the story of Lola Ogunwole, who as a child, was abandoned by her mother. Now a mother herself, she is suffering from postnatal depression. As part of her treatment, her therapist has suggested she reconcile with her mother. 

With the support of her husband, will Lola finally heal the hidden scars, by meeting the woman who left her? Or is she destined to repeat the cycle and sins from a childhood she’d rather forget? 


You are woken up in the middle of the night to carry out a certain activity that requires a little salt. Though this defies all logic, you are told it is for your own safety, for you may not survive the night otherwise. Your phone rings non-stop and it is the one you love, using every ounce of their conviction to get you to capitulate. A spool begins to unwind inside your head. After all, you think to yourself, a little salt never hurt anybody. What you may find, however, is that this has nothing to do with salt but everything to do with faith, fear, and love.


No Good Turn

Following a gruesome Boko Haram attack, director Udoka Oyeka transports us to a small town in Northern Nigeria where a Doctor and his staff are doing all they can to help the victims. A young man suspected to be one of the terrorists is brought in. The town’s Chief of Police demands immediate jungle justice but the Doctor must keep everyone’s values in check, especially his own.