Drama at Ake

Drama at Ake Arts and Book Festival 2016 is Iyalode of Eti which has just completed an acclaimed and hugely successfully tour of the UK.

Adapted for stage by Debo Oluwatuminu and directed by Moji Kareem, the play was inspired by John Webster’s masterpieceThe Duchess of Malfi. This imaginative and unique reinvention of a classic is set in pre-colonial Yoruba land.

Iyalode of Eti is an enchanting, lyrical theatrical experience that is fresh, dynamic, and surprising. Rich language, bold characterisations and thrilling storytelling carry the audience into an atmospheric world that is presented with startling intimacy and electric physicality.

As visual as it is verbal, with the rhythms, flavours, colours, and myths of the Yoruba driving the intricate plotting, this is contemporary performance that blurs formal boundaries and transcends geographical borders. Ancient storytelling techniques mesh with modern physical theatre. Music, chant, dance and poetry are woven into an engrossing whole. Iyalode of Eti is classical theatre reborn, universal theatre for a global audience.

The recently widowed Iyalode longs to marry her lover Oguntade. But her scheming and controlling brothers forbid their union. When Iyalode secretly marries Oguntade, their love and lives are threatened. Iyalode of Eti is the story of how a woman asserts her strength and fights for her heart in a land ruled by men. An English play is retold as an African mystical fable riddled with rituals, hauntings, double-crossings, playful levity, and potent tragedy.


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