aKoma Media is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for those attending the Ake Arts and Book Festival in Nigeria.

With the enormous range of books and overall artistic talent to be showcased at the festival, we want to encourage attendees to tell us, and the world, about it on our open source platform akomanet.com.

We have established two prizes, worth 20,000 NGN each, for the best two stories on our platform that review the individual festival events. Winners will be able to purchase books from the festival for the equivalent amount of prize money.

Co-Founder & CEO of aKoma Media, Zain Verjee says "The aim of the prizes is to encourage storytelling about African writers and talent, increase understanding of modern day Africa and expand the current narrative of the continent. Today Africa is often understood and narrated as a 'single' story, focusing on poverty, disease, drought, and war. The Ake Festival demonstrates there are much richer stories to be told about Africa and aKoma wants to empower individuals to tell them in their own voices".


The guidelines for the competition are as follows: -

All stories are to be posted on akomanet.com. Creators will need to open an account.

- Stories should offer interesting perspectives on the festival. This can include for instance, a particular book, an event, an interview with a writer or creator, or capturing the atmosphere, something quirky, something original.

- The post can be as long as creators want - The post can be in any genre

- Multimedia posts are encouraged, where possible or relevant, but not necessary.

- aKoma Media will select the two winners.

- The best reviews and stories will be announced at the close of the festival.


aKoma is a creative community where stories (writing, video, photography) can be posted and shared easily. aKoma comes from a Ghanaian symbol, that means 'heart'. That's what we want our creators to bring to the aKoma community.


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