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Film Of The Festival

As opposed to the usual practice of having one film of the festival, we are doing something different this year. Below are few of the films we will be screening on a loop at our film house through out the festival.


“Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives,” but Kena and Ziki long for something more. Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girl resist and remain close friends, supporting each other to pursue their dreams in a conservative society. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety.

Her Broken Shadow

The Story about two writers struggling to finish their novels. One lives in near future East Africa, and the other in a space city in the distant future, but they look so much alike that they might be identical twins. The boundary between their worlds collapses, forcing them to confront a heinous murder they committed in their childhood. Link to trailer.

Monsoons over the Moon

Monsoons Over The Moon is a mythical film drama that tells the story of a street gang known as The Monsoons who have escaped an oppressive dictatorship set in a post-apocalyptic Nairobi. The story is told from the perspective of those most oppressed by a dictatorial system that has shut down the internet, making the written world exponentially more important. Shot in black-and white, the film stands outside of a perceivable time, yet touches on political themes relevant to Kenya today, including surveillance, mass incarceration, and the effects of capitalism.


Visions is an anthology short by the Surreal16 Collective, comprising of three stories – Shaitan (by Abba T. Makama), Brood (by Michael Omonua), and Bruja (by C.J. “Fiery’ Obasi. Each story explores the lives of a young woman, inspired by visions and lucid dreaming. In Shaitan, the young woman confronts her best friend, whose views and philosophy of life has become outdated to her, and she must sadly part ways with him. In Brood, she ponders over a lost love, what should have been said, or not said, reaching back and forth into time to heal. In Bruja, she fellowships with her new found company of witches, finding her true self in the end.


Awani is a documentary that serves as a timeline that examines the evolution of the role of Nigerian women, starting from pre-colonial Nigeria to the present day. The documentary uses a blend of archival footage and expert commentary to explore how colonialism has shaped political and social attitudes towards women. Awani is a thought provoking documentary that aims to simply answer the question, how did we get here?


Swallow explores challenges to food security resulting from our changing climate, inadequate infrastructure and traditional agricultural practices. From the declining number of fish in the Niger Delta to underweight cattle in the north and insufficient rice, wheat and vegetables, the way we feed ourselves is not sustainable. We do not grow, breed or use the land efficiently enough to support our ever-growing population.


A visit home and the smell of her favourite stew evokes happy memories as a young woman stands outside the front of her family home. However, can she reconcile that period of innocence with the devastating family news that is still reverberating in her life.


Beyond Tolerance is a 30-minute documentary that examines the survival of traditional culture in southern Nigeria and its contribution to political and socio-economic development in the face of hostility and intolerance. The documentary follows two young people–Ifagbenusola Popoola, born into a family of Babalawos and Ayinke Omidan Adefemi, recently initiated into Ifa and Osun practice–who practice different forms of spiritualities rooted in their traditions. Beyond Tolerance aims to show that in spite of the misunderstanding and discrimination, a growing number of young people are engaged in carrying these traditions forward towards a future Nigeria.

“1745: An Untold Story of Slavery”

When two young black slaves escape into the wilds of 18th century Scotland, they must use all of their courage and strength to survive, unite, and stay free. 1745 highlights a forgotten part of Scotland’s history: while Scotland was fighting for its national freedom in that fateful year, its economy was in large part founded on the booming colonial slave trade. While the majority of slavery happened elsewhere – off-stage, across the Atlantic – there were African slaves here, kept as trophies and pets in the houses of their rich merchant masters.
“1745” was inspired by advertisements that writer, Morayo Akandé, discovered for runaway slaves, placed in Scottish newspapers of the time.


While interrogating a murder suspect, a troubled detective is forced to face his childhood demons. Call Me By My Name is a short psychological thriller that delves into the world of sex, gods and men while firmly situating itself in modern day Africa.


Uprooted is a documentary that depicts the conflict in the North East through the eyes of women. Women left behind in the conflict tell their conflict experiences however their stories are not only of terror and despair, but also hope and self-discovery. In their own words, they tell how they were able to not only live through one of worst terrorism ever, but also how they found strength they never knew they possessed. Four brave women, survive the conflict in the North East of Nigeria.